I’m a mother of three young girls, wife to a great husband and father, college professor, and, of course, photographer.

Growing up, I was always involved in the arts; from dance, to playing an instrument, or even taking photos for fun. Being so closely intertwined with the arts, I have developed an appreciation for beauty and the desire to create and capture memories to be enjoyed and shared by others.

Through my Master of Arts in Photography, I have further expanded my love and appreciation for the fleeting moments of time being captured through photographs.

When I think of life, I often think of it in snapshots. I see the faces of family and friends at events such as weddings or just having fun being with each other; sometimes with a Polaroid border or as if it were a framed picture on a wall. I also see the scenery around me, both current and where I have been before, as snapshots. Because life is constantly passing by, these snapshots help me to capture memories to be treasured; whether it is a person’s smile, a celebration of love, or familiar landscape.

I would be honored to capture your memories for a lifetime of enjoyment!

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