Finding inspiration in your own backyard…Literally!

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Hey friends!  Thanks for stopping by for a little photographic inspiration!

How many of you out there find days where you need a creative outlet and/or maybe feel like you need some inspiration to break up the monotony?  I know I get in those slumps, especially when I’ve been stuck inside with our three girls due to weather etc (I love our girls, but they sometimes start getting stir-crazy, which can make me a little crazy).


So, how do I do this?  I have to somewhat force myself to see things differently.  This doesn’t mean standing on your head, although there are times it might help, even if it is just to get laughs from your kids.  I mean looking at the details around you that we often overlook.  If that involves getting on the ground or climbing up on something a bit, do it!  We so often take photos from our eye level, rarely getting on the level as our kids or pets (it’s okay to admit it as I’m guilty at times even now).  It’s AMAZING at how much your perspective changes and things you might have otherwise missed pop out at you instantly, good or bad.  For instance, a random dandelion still trying to sow its evil seeds into my yard before the next growing season.

We had a beautiful fall day a month ago before we started getting temps below freezing along with some snow in early November.  My two youngest daughters were starting to bounce off the walls, so I grabbed my camera (I wanted to practice some things anyway) and took the girls outside initially to ride bikes, but who could resist a huge pile of leaves!  My 2 and then 4-year-old surely couldn’t resist!  Eventually, my 6-year-old joined in the fun.  I sat on the ground (changed my perspective) and observed while clicking away on the camera.

Yes, it was a blast capturing some fun playtime amongst sisters, but while they played, I began to notice more simple details around me, so I began wandering around our yard.  As I walked, I found myself looking at all the colorful leaves contrasting with the green grass, the pompous grass tips curling at the ends, the decaying remnants of our garden, and the plants still trying to survive.  Before I knew it, I had some fun and artistic new fall images and I never left our yard!

it just goes to show that you don’t HAVE to go somewhere exotic or different to get great photos.  You just need to change your mindset about HOW you see what’s already around you.  And while I did use my professional camera, I could’ve easily gotten these images with a simple camera phone.

My challenge to you…go out in your yard (or whatever is within walking distance around where you live).  Take in the fresh air and try to look at the small details you might otherwise overlook.  Take photos of them.  Try different angles.  Try using your portrait and/or macro (flower) mode and see what you get (hint: these modes help add some soft depth of field to the images so not everything is in focus from the foreground to background).  The key is to HAVE FUN!  So what if you’re not a professional photographer!  Just enjoy!  Post your photos in the comments below!  I’d love to see what you get!

And because I can, here are some photos I took the other day after some light snow fell on the ground.  I just can’t help photographing the leaves contrasting with the green!

In some upcoming posts, I’ll dive into some basic concepts for composition, lighting, and much more so keep checking in!  Thanks for taking a few minutes to hopefully find some photographic inspiration!  Happy shooting!

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