Lost Memories Looking for their Home

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As a photographer, I believe in the importance of not only having current photos, but also preserving those from the past.  Photos allow us to not only capture the NOW, but also learn about history, our ancestors.  Without photos, we might not know about our past because even 20 years ago, the digital era was not fully upon us.  Cameras weren’t available in every cell phone as cell phones were still a relatively new technological tool with their very analog black and green screens.  Texting was not heard of and pagers were still big in the world of quicker communication.  Film was still being readily processed at your local retailer rather than the ever-convenient kiosks to print your latest snaps from your phone or digital camera we have today.




Parents in 1952 holding young daughter
My grandparents holding my mom, approx age 1

Treasuring photos of our past (mine, yours, or anyone, for that matter) is a HUGE thing for me.  Without photos, I wouldn’t know what my grandparents looked like or my mom as a baby, my great grandparents, how they all lived, and so on.  One of my grandpa’s was born in 1887 (YES, the 1800’s), served proudly in both WWI & WWII, and had his youngest child, my mom, at age 65.  My grandma, his wife, passed away when my mom was only about 4 years old, so my mom really doesn’t remember her.

Powerful Weather

Recently, our area had some nasty weather with tornadoes about 2-3 hours west of our home.  The day after the storms I picked up this photo from our front yard, originally thinking it was trash.  When I looked down and noticed it was a lost photo, likely deposited by the winds from the tornadoes, I felt sadness for the family it belongs to because I knew in my heart that in order for a cherished photo to travel so far, it meant the home had to have been destroyed.


I’m not one to preach, but there are times where I do honestly believe things happen for a reason though we don’t always know why.  This is one of those times to me.  


My husband is in somewhat of a public capacity with his profession and took initiative to snap a photo of this image and post to Twitter as we were about to head out of town for a family vacation.  This sparked an inquiry from a local news reporter to interview me about this image.


Black & White Man on stone Texas state line marker in late 1950's
Black & White Man on stone Texas state line marker in late 1950's found in my front yard after recent tornadoes in June 2019

Social Media Takes Over

A few days after returning home from our family vacation, the reporter was still highly interested in doing a segment on the local news in hopes of finding the family.  Before the interview, I sat down and did some research on the photo to learn it was taken in the late 1950’s likely during late fall – winter (notice the wide leg roll, the white t-shirt, and naked trees) likely along a highway between Texas and another state.  Beyond that, there are no other identifying features or writing on the back of the image to help identify the owners or even the man in the image.


I agreed to the interview and you can see it here: 

I Need Your Help!

Please SHARE this post, or video to anyone and everyone!  Help me find the owners to return some of their treasured memories!  I promise to update this post if I learn anything.  I’m really hopeful, even if it’s a long-shot!



Thanks for everything! 


Stay tuned for future posts!


P.S.  If you’re interested in scheduling a portrait or wedding session to help preserve your own family memories, please CONTACT ME NOW because you never know what can happen (not to sound morbid, but it’s true).

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