Baby Nora

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What a crazy year it has been!  Thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak and shutdowns beginning in March, we had to postpone this adorable girl’s 1 year photos.  It took us about 3 months after she turned 1, but we finally got to see this beauty again!


It was a warm, but overall nice evening at English Landing Park in Parkville, MO (Missouri summer weather is often hot and humid).  Nora had taken a nap on her way to the park and was full of smiles and silly faces, thanks to her mom and dad behind me.  I’m excited to be taking Nora’s photos again this fall along with her parents, two older sisters, and older brother!  With the spunky personalities of her siblings, we should have some fun photos!

I love watching kids grow up in photos!  Here are some of Nora’s photos with her siblings from October 2019!



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