The Experience

Each person, couple, family, and situation is different and I strive to get the BEST photos.  The wind won’t always cooperate, there might be some unique lighting to manage, and kids might not feel like smiling, but I take PRIDE in my work to make each curve-ball work to our advantage. 


As part of your experience, I want to know YOU, both for the beautiful person you are on the outside as well as what others might not see so I can capture the TRUEST photos of you, your family, or your special day.

I know how awkward it can feel to be in front of a camera, so I will help guide you to where it feels relaxing and easy.


Photography is an art form that takes skill and countless hours (and years) of practice to master, much like painting, cooking, knitting, lawyering, teaching, etc.  Just like life, you only improve if you keep learning, adapting, and practicing, which is why I’m always reading or watching videos about new techniques and beyond to give you the best images and experience possible.

When all is said and done, I hope you can look back on our time together with fond memories of the session through the images I was able to capture.  I want to give you, your children, future grandchildren, and beyond lasting memories that tell a story of life in our time. 

I know when I look back at old photos from my grandparents’ lives and even my own life, I’m intrigued and nostalgic about the past; how it was, the emotions and events captured, and I love asking questions from my elders about such things.  In addition, I love the ability to share these histories with my own kids so they can keep the stories and memories alive for generations to come.


Are you ready to enjoy this experience with me?  If so, contact me now to schedule your session!

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