Fun Tidbits about Me

  • Lover of Doctor Who, GoT, the Marvel Universe, Stranger Things, Grace & Frankie, and more!
  • I love to knit, sew, and paint in my spare time (even if I'm not the greatest)
  • I'm an Alpha Phi married to a Pi Kappa Phi
  • 10+ Years cancer free
  • Sucker for a good mocha or chai (both hot or iced)
  • College Professor of Digital & B&W Film Photography
  • Enneagram 1 Perfectionist
  • KC Native & lover of GOOD BBQ
  • Mom of 3 spunky, sweet, & sassy girls

Thirsty to learn more about me?  Keep reading!

I’m not just another “mom with a camera”.  Okay, maybe I am because I have three silly girls and I take pictures, but when I started out, I was just a wife with a dream and love of beautiful photos.

Before starting our family, I decided to pursue photography by getting a Master of Arts degree from UMKC at the support of my amazing husband.  That enabled my love of teaching to coincide with photography and sharing my passion for others at local colleges.

Stephanie Coulter headshot
Photo by Lily Pad Photography
Stephanie Coulter with her three daughters on Easter 2019

One of the biggest things that drives my photography is making sure I capture the details because so many were missed by my photographers during my own wedding.  These details include more than one photo of my grandparents, centerpieces designed by my sister-in-law, the decadent cheese / fruit display, our fabulously delicious buffet spread, juice bar, and the colorful sunset during our ceremony.  Talk about disappointing when we got back our over 2000 unedited photos and spending over $2000 on the photographers (in 2007, that was a lot of money).

When I’m not busy snapping away or editing, I love to knit, read, savor some delicious dark chocolate and full-bodied red wine, and spend time with my family.  I get sucked in by shows like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones (I mean, who doesn’t?), any NCIS (don’t judge), historical documentaries (usually whatever my husband turns on will suffice), or a cleverly written sitcom like Big Bang Theory or Modern Family.

family photo on bridge in the Kansas City River Market
Photo by Jeremy LaFaver

Being able to look back upon photographs from not only my personal past, but also that of my parents and grandparents, is fascinating and I’m grateful for the ability to do so.  


Contact me now because it would be my absolute honor to create some gorgeous visual memories for you to share with your own future generations!