Photo by Jeremy LaFaver

When I got married in 2007, wedding photography was very different.  I hired a national company who used local photographers they “vetted” for their skills shooting weddings.  I later found out the guys who shot my wedding specialized in other areas.  This led to missed details I’ll never get back, such as: the decadent fruit and cheese display from our caterer, centerpieces done by my sister-in-law, and the colorful sunset during our ceremony.  This reminds me to capture each detail beautifully for each wedding so no one else is left without those memories.  So many details are a part of each wedding that each deserves their chance in the spotlight.

Another hard lesson learned was the value missed when we were given the unedited digital images and no album to look through.  I was left to sort through and edit over 2000 images plus create a wedding album for our keepsakes.  Talk about a daunting ordeal!  Every package includes at least one album so you don’t miss out like we did for too many years.

As your photographer, I vow to give you the best memories of your fantastical day.  Contact me now to book your date!

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