The Wedding Process

Couple by the JC Nichols fountain in Kansas City by Stephanie Coulter Photography
Bride and groom kissing with veil flying by Stephanie Coulter Photography
Bride and groom walking in a field by Stephanie Coulter Photography

Congrats on your engagement!

If you've made it this far, it's likely that you already like my style and what you've seen so far. That's half the battle! Now comes the fun part of choosing between photographers, so let me help explain more about me and what to expect.

I'm a mom of three beautiful and amazing girls, a lover of dark chocolate (especially paired with a full-bodied red wine), and a nerd at heart. I believe in being honest, creative, and dedicated. I won't try to sell you things I don't think you really need like extra hours. I love exercising my creative juices to get the best images for you and I'm dedicated to making things perfect.

smiling bride holding her bouquet by Stephanie Coulter Photography

Let's Chat!

One of the best ways to not only learn about each other is to meet in person (or Zoom if that's easier). Not everyone will click, so I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. If you're laid back and can trust me, I have a good feeling it'll be a match made in heaven!

At this initial meeting, we will get to know each other and find out what your dreams are for your big day. We will go over a rough timeline so that you're getting all the coverage you need without missing the key moments or spending more than your budget will allow.

Once you've decided I'm your gal, I'll send a contract over followed by an invoice once the contract is signed. There is a $500 retainer that will be applied to the total price. This makes sure I have your day open for just you! If you need to pay in installments, let me know so we can work out the best plan for you.

couple smiling at each other by Stephanie Coulter Photography

Engagement Session

Every package has an engagement session built-in because I want every couple to have a chance for some photos of their love to share with friends and family for their big announcement. Also, this is a way for you to learn how I work and get to become friends before the big day.

For more information on what to expect before, during, and after the session, check out The Portrait Process.

couple looking at each other while their dog looks at the camera by Stephanie Coulter Photography

In the meantime...

Because there are often months between your engagement session and your wedding, it can feel like I've forgotten about you, but I promise I'm available to answer questions anytime (text, phone, or email). I'll check in periodically to see how things are going and update as needed. I'll send you some questionnaires, checklists, and other things to help make your day go as smoothly as possible.

delicious macaroons for a wedding by Stephanie Coulter Photography

It's TIME!

Whew! You made it to your big day! Now it's time to try and relax as the day will happen how it will and even when it seems like it's all falling apart, remember that at the end of it all, you'll be married to your best friend! I'll be there to coordinate with everyone necessary to keep the day as calm as possible and do my best to get all the details and images you've hoped for.

Some things to help with all this are having all your details together with someone who knows where they are, sharing the timeline we've gone through with the most important people so there's little confusion over what happens when, and having someone there to make sure you're eating during the day.

bride holding pastel bouquet while snuggling with groom by Stephanie Coulter Photography
wedding details by Stephanie Coulter Photography

Image Selections

I take a LOT of photos during the day, so after it's all done, I'll go through the images to pick out the best photos for you to choose from. I make sure to remove all the eye blinks, open mouths (no one likes photos of people eating), and blurry images for example. From there, you'll choose the images that mean the most to you for me to put the final editing touches on. I like to have these images sent to you in a private, online proofing gallery within a couple of weeks while you're hopefully enjoying your honeymoon.

Editing & Delivery

Once I've received your selections, I'll then make sure each image is perfectly edited in color and b&w. You'll then decide which images you want in the album and I'll design it for you. We will be in touch throughout the process so you never have to worry about what's going on. Please be as patient as possible while I make sure things are perfect.

bride and groom kissing during sparkler exit by Stephanie Coulter Photography

I'll deliver the fully edited digital images using the same main gallery as before along with instructions on how to download your images and order prints with the print credit from your wedding package. If you'd like help deciding on wall art, let me know and I'm more than happy to design some displays using an image of your own wall. Your album will be carefully crafted and shipped directly to you when it's done.