Let's Get Started

If you would like to request a custom collage of your dancer, please fill out the required info below as accurately as possible. Please fill out this form for EACH collage you agree to purchase.

10x13 collages are $50 + tax

10x20 collages are $85 + tax

Images requested by you will be arranged in the most aesthetically pleasing order as determined by the photographer.

NOTE: DO NOT PLACE ANY ORDERS UNTIL YOU'VE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION YOUR COLLAGE IS READY! Design times will vary, so please be patient as they will be designed in the order received. Collage requests placed after July 10 will not be ready until early August.

Design Examples

10x13 Collages with 3 photos

10x13 Script Font

10x13 Art Deco Font

10x20 Collages with 5 photos

10x20 Script Font With Lines

10x20 Script Font Without Lines

10x20 Art Deco Font With Lines

10x20 Art Deco Font Without Lines

Image Selections

In order for the correct photos to be chosen, please go to the gallery HERE and enter the provided code. Click on a photo you want in the collage to bring it into an expanded view and make note of the filename listed above (ex. 20220604 - _850XXXX.jpg). You do not need to select only vertical images, but please note horizontal images may appear smaller in order to make them fit well in the design. Please know that designs will not be sent to the gallery without meeting very high artistic standards for (and by) the photographer.

Please note I might text this number, so please put in a valid mobile phone number.