I first met Erin as a student in my photo classes at the local community college. She was a vibrant, outspoken, and fun personality in my otherwise quiet class.

I've always let students know they can contact me with questions or help long after the class is done and Erin is no exception.


After Erin left my classes, I began seeing her as an employee at a local retail store and loved catching up with her when I'd shop. It was this job that introduced her to Dallan.

While I don't know much about their relationship over the past few years, I do know they've been happy with and for each other since they met.

An Intimate Affair

Since COVID-19's presence in 2020, there has been a big shift towards smaller weddings and outdoor spaces, but the union of Erin & Dallan was more because of their desire to only be surrounded by those closest to them. On a beautiful late spring day at Smithville Lake, we all met along the lakeshore for a simple ceremony full of laughs, tears, and happiness.

What wedding would be complete without a unique staging of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse?! These gals made me laugh and admire their hilarity!

Never-ending fun!

While I still love the big wedding affair, it was so much fun being a part of Erin & Dallan's big day. The relaxed nature of the whole event was such a treat and being able to see a former student happily married was the icing on the, cupcake!

Time to eat!

A wedding wouldn't be complete without food and cake, or in this case, cupcakes! Yummy!