Yay, It's Picture Time!

With life's crazy schedules and the lovely Covid-19 virus, I was unable to meet Miss Fiona until October 2021. Before we started, big brother Mason was so excited to take photos. I loved hearing his enthusiasm and was even more excited for this session since getting toddlers on board with photos is half the battle!

mom kissing young son at Smithville Lake by Stephanie Coulter

Ok, Not So Much...

Just as I was choosing the first spot for their photos, Mason was not happy about the location I chose because it wasn't at the water (we couldn't get to the edge of the water where we were). Knowing toddlers have fickle moods and cooperation when we need the stability most, I tried all my mom tricks to help excite him again.

photo of a dad holding his young son by Stephanie Coulter

So, Things Didn't Go As Planned

The rest of the session continued with a less-than-cooperative or happy Mason, but it didn't stop me from capturing some precious moments such as Amy with Mason on her lap, Fiona playing mommy's necklace, and Mason snuggled into his daddy's arms.

photo of a mom playing with her infant daughter by Stephanie Coulter
family sitting on a blanket at a lake by Stephanie Coulter Photography
daddy holding his toddler son by Stephanie Coulter Photography
Photo of a family walking at Smithville Lake by Stephanie Coulter

A Note To All Parents

I know how many parents go into a session with images in their minds and can get frustrated that their kids aren't doing what they envisioned (I'm just as guilty!). So, to all parents with the perfect photo session in their minds, IT'S OKAY if things don't go as planned! Yes, it's frustrating at the moment, but trust that we'll find some precious moments that will encompass your child's personality of the season, or in some cases, minute. And, if by the end of the session they're still not happy, you'll still have an accurate portrayal of them with the moments as a reminder of how life is unpredictable. Remember, your session is only a blip in life and the next time will be completely different.

Kids are only young so long and it's best to remind ourselves of this. Unhappy kiddos at a photoshoot are not the end of the world.

I promise!