Who I Am

I'm a Gen X mother of 3 girls with a fabulous husband! When I'm not busy with photography or being a mom/wife, I'm likely teaching a photography class at Maple Woods, reading, knitting, drawing, or attempting to relax (I'm not very good at the last part...there's ALWAYS something that needs to get done). Give me dark chocolate with a good red wine and I'm a happy girl!

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My Services

I am a wedding and portrait photographer in the Kansas City area offering sessions for families, couples, youth activities, and more! If you are in need of updated family photos, someone to capture all the details of your special day, headshots, branding photos, or show the love and excitement of your new engagement, I'm your gal! Feel free to check out info on the experience, the investment, or drop me a line so we can chat!

Why I Do What I Do

I grew up in an age where photos meant capturing an image (with no way to immediately tell if it came out), praying it was properly exposed, composed, etc, and then trusting the film to an outside source for processing and again hoping the film gets processed without issues (I know how easily film can get ruined during the development process as I teach film darkroom photography).

I always loved (and still do) to look through old family photos and learn more about the family I never got to meet or hear stories from my parent's childhood. Now as a mom, I love being able to share those same photos and stories with my daughters plus make new memories and photos with them to add to the collection of images and stories.

Just For You

I know photography can seem like an unnecessary or excessive expense. I've lived those days of living paycheck to paycheck and robbing Peter to pay Paul, but I have NEVER regretted having the photos of my family, friends, and beyond! Memories are only so good. Photos are far better because they HELP you remember what you may have forgotten!

I will do my best to provide the best memories, both of the time spent during our session or big day to the images you get back for your own collection to pass down to future generations.